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We know how much of a struggle it can be to find the right doctor who will take your concerns seriously and listen to your needs. That's why we put together this list of doctors who are experts in delivering just what you want from your Mommy Makeover.

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Mommy Makeovers in Portland

As a leading resource in the field of mommy makeovers, MommyMakeoverStudio is well-versed in the Portland plastic surgery scene. Here, we demystify what a mommy makeover means in Portland, explore treatments that currently trending, and analyze the cost and recovery stages you might expect.

Our team at MommyMakeoverStudio understands that seeing the way pregnancy alters the body often motivates women to seek surgical remedies. No matter how much you diet or exercise, the leftover signs of motherhood - sagging skin, deflated breasts, stubborn pockets of fat - refuse to be ignored.

Understanding Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgical procedures designed to address post-pregnancy physical changes and restore pre-pregnancy body form. The sophisticated body contouring offered here in Portland includes a suite of treatments: liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and sometimes labiaplasty. Your personal surgical plan hinges on individual needs and goals.

The Mommy Makeover in Portland is all about tailored remedies. Every woman’s body navigates pregnancy differently, thus the changes experienced will vary. As such, the surgical response should vary too. Our recommendations are as unique as the women seeking them.

Consultation and Surgical Plan

As with all surgical procedures, a thorough consultation is paramount. During this key phase, the surgeons listen to your concerns, physical changes you would like to address, and aesthetic goals to guide the journey towards the body you envisage.

Creating a surgical plan is like mapping a route for a road trip. It outlines the course from the current point to the destination - in this case, your physical goals. This, combined with the cutting-edge VECTRA® 3-D imaging system offered by certified plastic surgeons in Portland, helps you visualize potential outcomes and adjust your choices prior to the procedure.

Top Procedures in a Mommy Makeover

Tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation are among the top procedures in a Portland mommy makeover. A tummy tuck addresses the loose, saggy skin in the abdominal area, a common post-pregnancy concern for many women. To enhance the procedure’s results, liposuction is employed to reduce stubborn pockets of peripheral fat, offering a smooth, contoured finish.

For many women, pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to volume loss or sagging in the breasts. This is where breast augmentation and breast lift procedures come in. These processes restore the volume and position of the breasts, offering a more youthful, perky look. On the other hand, some women's breasts stay excessively large post-childbirth, causing discomfort. In such cases, a breast reduction procedure comes in handy.

Costs and Financing

While considering a mommy makeover, it's important to understand the financial commitment involved. The cost can vary widely depending on the procedures you choose. For instance, combining a tummy tuck with breast augmentation starts from $18,625, while a tummy tuck with breast lift starts at $17,645.

Hence, it's imperative to discuss the cost during your consultation. The surgeons can break down the cost of each procedure for you. Unforeseen charges rarely come up due to the surgery facility’s fees, surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s charges, implants, post-surgery garments and CosmetAssure insurance ordinarily inclusive in the total sum quoted initially.

How to Choose the Best Surgeon

Picking the right plastic surgeon is as crucial as choosing the procedure itself. Check for board certifications in plastic surgery as well as affiliations with professional bodies. It's pivotal that your chosen surgeon understands your needs, offers constructive suggestions, and exhibits a track record of successful procedures.

Recovery and Results

The recovery timeline post a mommy makeover depends on the individual and the procedures performed. The surgeon will provide detailed instructions regarding postoperative care to ensure a smooth healing process.

Following a mommy makeover, women often witness a dramatic transformation, feeling more confident and comfortable in their bodies. The goal is to help each woman become the best version of herself, and our board-certified surgeons have a proven track record of helping women achieve this.

Patient Success Stories

Your journey towards a restored body often begins with the success stories of others. Hearing about other women's transformative experiences can gift you the confidence to start your own. Our website hosts a collection of success stories of women who regained their confidence and loved their bodies again after undergoing a mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover is about more than surgery. It's about restoring your self-confidence and helping you love your body again. In Portland, the journey towards restoration after motherhood is readily available, tailored to your specific needs, and supported by experienced and caring professionals.

If you're ready to embark on this journey, feel free to reach out to any of the certified surgeons for a thorough consultation. After all, a beautiful beginning is the first step towards achieving an equally beautiful result. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in her body, and a mommy makeover might be the right step towards it. Your journey to reclaim your body starts now.