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Mommy Makeovers in Omaha

Mommy Makeover is a set of surgical procedures designed to help women regain their pre-pregnancy shapes and confidence. The need for such specialized services in Omaha, Nebraska, is overwhelmingly clear, when considering the number of women looking to restore their bodies after childbearing years. Post-pregnancy body changes can be a source of discomfort and low self-esteem for many women. Fortunately, with the expertise of skilled plastic surgeons and advanced surgical techniques, it's possible to reverse these changes and reclaim your youthful figure.

In Omaha, several reliable clinics offer Mommy Makeover services tailored to restore the youthful aesthetics of your body. This comprehensive guide we provide at is designed to enlighten you about the whole process, from knowing what a Mommy Makeover entails to understanding what to expect during postoperative recovery.

Understanding A Mommy Makeover in Omaha

A Mommy Makeover describes a series of surgical procedures performed to correct and enhance certain aspects of a woman’s body post-childbirth. These measures can include a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction. A breast lift in Omaha focuses on restoring the firmness and perkiness of sagging breasts, often due to breastfeeding. The augmentation helps increase the size and improve the shape of breasts using implants or fat grafting.

What is Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

A tummy tuck (also known as an abdominoplasty) addresses excess skin and fat around the abdominal area while tightening the weakened underlying muscles. Liposuction, on the other hand, helps refine and reshape certain body areas by removing stubborn fat reserves. Collectively, these procedures aim to restore the harmonious contours of a woman's pre-pregnancy body.

Benefits of Getting a Mommy Makeover

The benefits of the Mommy Makeover extend beyond physical enhancement. By restoring a woman's pre-baby body, the procedure boosts self-image and improves emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, undergoing combined procedures reduces the total time spent in surgery and recovery, translating to lower costs and quicker results.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon in Omaha

Just like any medical procedure, selecting the right practitioner is crucial. The success of the makeover hinges heavily on the abilities and experience of the operating surgeon. Omaha is home to a host of qualified plastic surgeons, including Dr. Anil Shah, Dr. Edney, Dr. Bruneteau, and others who specialize in body contouring and other Mommy Makeover procedures.

Importance of Specialist Surgeons

Choosing a specialist increases the likelihood of satisfactory results, as these experts work around the intricate details of the body contours and continually improve on their techniques. They also provide personalized treatment plans that align with each client's aesthetic aims.

Overview of Top Surgeons

Specialists such as Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Edney are well-versed with a range of cosmetic procedures, including body contouring, breast reshaping, and anti-aging procedures. They offer personalized care, understanding the uniqueness of every patient's body and aspirations. With vast experience in the field, these practitioners provide not only surgical expertise but also empathetic and comprehensive overall care.

Preparing for a Mommy Makeover in Omaha

Proper preparation goes a long way in ensuring successful surgical outcomes. Responding positively to your surgeon's preoperative guidelines increases the chances of having a safer procedure, more comfortable recovery, and more satisfying results.

Preoperative Considerations

Preoperative instructions majorly revolve around medical tests, dietary restrictions, and adjustments to current medications. A physical assessment will help ascertain your fitness for surgery. It's also important to maintain a stable weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise prior, which contributes to optimal results and a smoother recovery. Mentally preparing for the surgery aids in reducing anxiety and creating realistic expectations for the results.

Understanding the Importance of Consultation

Consultation sessions provide an avenue to discuss your goals and concerns with your surgeon. The surgeon, in turn, offers essential information about the selected procedures, preparation measures, recovery expectations, and associated costs.

The Mommy Makeover Process in Omaha

The specific sequence and combination of procedures during a Mommy Makeover vary depending on individual needs and a surgeon's approach. A comprehensive preoperative evaluation, including the use of imaging systems, can help plan the surgery. The overall aim is to enhance safety, comfort, and results.

The Process

Typically, a Mommy Makeover commences with a breast procedure, which may involve a lift, augmentation, or both depending on the patient's needs and desired results. This is followed by a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and fat while tightening the abdominal muscles. The session may end with liposuction to sculpt and refine the surrounding areas for a more harmonious appearance.

Safety Measures During Surgery

Safety measures during surgery include the use of certified anesthetic professionals, performing the procedures in an accredited surgical facility, and tailoring the surgical plan to consider each patient's health status.

Post-Surgery: Recovery and Results

After the surgery, ample rest, proper nutrition, and adherence to postoperative instructions will contribute to a smoother recovery and desirable results.


Temporary bruising, swelling, and a degree of discomfort are normal parts of the body's healing process. Prescription medications go a long way in managing pain during the recovery period. Over time, you will be able to gradually return to your normal activities.


With proper care and following your surgeon's instructions, you can expect to enjoy the full results of your Mommy Makeover within three to six months post-surgery. The transformations resulting from the procedures often bring about a significant boost in confidence and body satisfaction.

Mommy Makeover Costs in Omaha

The cost of a Mommy Makeover in Omaha varies based on the specific combination of procedures, the extent of changes required, and other surgical, facility, and care costs.

Typical Cost Range

On average, Mommy Makeover procedures in Omaha can cost between $10,000 to $20,000. The complexity and number of procedures done during the surgery primarily determine the final cost.


Various clinics offer a range of payment and financing options to cater to different budgets. Some also include insurance covers in case of complications. Therefore, during your consultation session, it is essential to discuss costs and payment flexibility with your surgeon.

Getting a Mommy Makeover in Omaha is indeed an investment in restoring not only your pre-pregnancy figure but your overall self-esteem and satisfaction. With top-notch surgeons, supportive medical staff, and advanced facilities, Omaha stands out as an excellent location for any woman seeking to get a Mommy Makeover. Feel empowered to take charge and make an informed decision about reclaiming your body after childbearing.